Who We Are

Oakridge Financial Group is a family office that is focused on helping give back through our three core tenets: Health, Wealth and Wellness. Since 2006, Oakridge Financial Group has focused on the financial, health and wellness space. Our goal is to make a positive impact in the lives of entrepreneurs by helping them see a better way, in both life and business.

Where We Focus

Our founder, Jeff Russell, guides entrepreneurs through their journey by connecting health, wealth and wellness, giving them clarity where there is confusion. Helping them live a life well lived. Jeff’s interests are in the future landscape of how aesthetics and mental health will intersect, to provide an inside and out whole body rejuvenation.

How We Invest

As a strategic investor, we invest in businesses that provide a better quality of life in the healthcare and mental wellness industries, where we can bring our strengths to positively impact business results.  

Who We Help

Oakridge Financial Group also has a mandate on philanthropic giving, specifically children and those who suffer mental illness.